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Latest News at October 15th 2014

On 15th October Tropical Storm Gonzalo paid us a visit in Antigua, but we are pleased to say our 3 school boats survived with only a little damage (nothing that Pippa can't fix!). Yesterday the sun came back out, it was a beautiful calm day and the students continued to sail off on their RYA Competent Crew / Day Skipper course.


On September 10th, we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our acceptance as an RYA Recognised Training Centre. Given the success of the School, in terms of training standards and satisfied students, we fully expect to continue into year 5 and beyond! Thank you to all our students who have supported us, and will continue to support us into the future.


Our latest Yachtmaster Xpress course ended on August 10th with Yachtmaster examination success for Vicky and Dave. 13 weeks is a big commitment for these students and we are delighted their investment resulted in success.


Our next Yachtmaster Xpress course, with the redesigned Modular Packages that now last 16 weeks for Yachtmaster Offshore and 18 weeks for Yachtmaster Ocean, commences on January 19th, 2015. The course now includes commercial yacht industry training as well as RYA Sail Training. We look forward to welcoming the 3 students who have already signed up for this course.


4 weeks ago Pippa started a series of Sunday School sessions for local youngsters teaching them their RYA Day Skipper Theory courses. Spread over 10 weeks at 4 hours a week, at a much reduced local rate, the students are showing great progress and she fully expects them to achieve their Course Completion Certificates by week 10.


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