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Sunset cruise

Cruise Rates, Options & Currency Converter

Gross rates shown are subject to our 10% Direct Booking Discount when guests book directly through Miramar Sailing

SPECIAL DAY CRUISES - Collect & Return at our base in Jolly Harbour
  2 pax 4 pax 6 pax 8 pax 10 pax 12 pax
Sunset Cruise 340 380 425 480 530 575
Morning Cruise* 550 630 715 805 890 980
Half Day Cruise* 585** 770 880 990 1100 1210
Full Day Cruise* 735** 935 1060 1190 1315 1445
Just Plain Sailing 408** for ALL Group sizes


SUPER DAY CRUISES RATES - Collect & Return at Redcliffe Quay, St. John's Cruise Ship Dock
  2 pax 4 pax 6 pax 8 pax 10 pax 12 pax
Morning Cruise - Prickly Pear 650 755 865 980 1095 1210
Half Day Cruise - Prickly Pear 715** 890 1025 1160 1295 1430
Full Day Cruise - Prickly Pear 835** 1090 1245 1405 1560 1720


*Special Day Cruises may opt for the Collect / Return at Redcliffe Quay. Please ADD US$95 to the Gross Rate.

**These are special rates already discounted by more than 10%. Our Direct Booking Discount does not apply.

Lobster Lunch option available on all Cruises (except Sunset Cruises) for a US$25 per person supplement.

Champagne is available at US$50 per bottle, when not already included.

For Group sizes not shown please pro rate using Group Rates either side.


Check Hawnaleas's availability here. Please contact us for further information.


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