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In today’s modern world there is a tendency to work too much, and vacation too little. How wonderful if it were the other way round! Unfortunately, for most, that scenario is a dream.

With this in mind, we at Miramar Sailing strive to offer you as diverse a range of vacation options as possible, to ensure that your precious vacation time is spent doing something totally memorable!

We are constantly looking into new ways of ensuring that we offer something for everyone. Currently we bring you:

Something Different

The recent introduction of our Volvo Ocean 60 Trans Atlantic racing yacht “Cuba Libre” has added exciting new options for your sailing vacation.

You have the choice of cruising on “Cuba Libre”, either in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, or joining a race crew as she competes in many of the prestigious racing events in both regions, or assisting with her passages across the Atlantic.
She is an exciting racing yacht, offering an extremely exciting sailing experience and vacation.

Caribbean Vacations

On the other side of the above coin there is the peace, tranquility, and variety that a relaxed sailing vacation around the beautiful Caribbean offers.

This is real “R & R”, and a chance to regroup, and reorder, all the working life experiences you have brought with you. It is genuinely “your time”.  Time in which you can do what you want, for as long as you want!

Girls Go Sailing

Miramar Sailing is jointly owned by husband and wife team Brian & Pippa.

Pippa is the inspiration behind this idea. She is well aware of the abilities of the female gender, and how those abilities can be brought out, and developed, in a non-male environment. Sailing provides the perfect opportunity.

That is the serious side of “Girls Go Sailing”!

However, we must not forget the fun side must we girls? That needs no further explanation!

“Girls Go Sailing” is not just a vacation option. We are happy to extend this concept into our Day Charters, our Sail Training, and our Race Charters. Why shouldn’t we?


If it's SAILING, it's MIRAMAR!