Hotel and Villa accommodation in Antigua, Carribean - rooms to stay for Sailing Holiday vacations and day charter trips


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'SHIP to SHORE'... or Shore to Ship if you prefer!

We have lived in Antigua for around 6 years and have made the acquaintance of many of the thousands of visitors that bless the island each year. Often the topic of conversation turns to our visitor’s island accommodation, the choice of which is enormous.

Some of the stories recounted led us to think about sourcing good value accommodation that is available in a range of budgets and visitor requirements.

Our thoughts have culminated in a new premium service to our guests, which offers up to 17.5% discount on accommodation. These offers are exclusive to confirmed guests of Miramar Sailing Ltd. The original choice was ours, but the final choice will be yours!

We have chosen 2 options for you in the vicinity of the Jolly Harbour Golf & Marina Resort – a luxury boutique hotel and an exclusive luxury self-catered waterfront villa. Not only have we carefully considered the quality of our choices, we have also negotiated between 15% & 17.5% discount off published rates that we are happy to offer our confirmed Miramar Sailing Ltd guests as yet another superb customer service .


– Affordable luxury!

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219E TerraceVILLA 219E

– Self-Catering is all about mixing your own sundowners on the terrace!!!

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