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Jolly Harbour villa

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Vacation Suggestions Round Trip or One Way

All Round Trip charters start from our base in Jolly Harbour Marina Village, Antigua. We are perfectly situated to travel throughout the Leeward and Windward Islands, how many you visit is up to you. Please refer to our Destinations page, which gives just a flavour of the islands we can explore.

Our One Way charters usually begin in Antigua but can terminate wherever you choose. If we are fortunate to secure a charter that begins in your island of disembarkation, there will be no charge to cover our time returning the yacht to Antigua.

The following charter durations, and itineraries, are purely an illustration of what islands can be visited within an allotted time frame. At no point are these set in stone. Here at Miramar Sailing we actively encourage our guests to choose the destinations that would create their perfect sailing vacation experience. We are on hand to make suggestions and assist you, both before and during your charter.

  • Round Trip: 2-4 Days
    2-4 days would give us enough time to reach either Barbuda, Guadeloupe or Nevis, albeit for a fleeting visit before returning home.
  • One Way: 2-4 Days
    A sail north would allow visits to Nevis & St. Kitts, Barbuda and St. Barths. A southerly heading could take in Guadeloupe and Les Isles des Saintes, and Dominica.
  • Round Trip: 5-8 Days
    Over the course of a 5-8 day charter, we could potentially visit Guadeloupe and Dominica with a couple of days exploring each island. Alternatively Barbuda, St Maarten, St Barths are within comfortable range.
  • One Way: 5-8 Days
    Heading north as far as the BVI's is possible, with Martinique a comfortable possibility to the south, taking in Guadeloupe, Dominica and St. Lucia en route.
  • Round Trip: 9-14 Days
    Within a 9-14 day charter we could venture south, as far as St Lucia, stopping en route in Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique for some superb sightseeing and exploration opportunities.
    We could also make our way north with the BVI’s as our destination, taking in St Barths, Sint Maarten, Anguilla on the way up and calling in on Nevis and St Kitts on the return leg.
  • One Way: 9-14 Days
    To the north we have all the islands between Antigua and the BVI's at our disposal with plenty of exploration time on each. To the south all the islands en route to Grenada could be achieved.
  • 15 days or more
    This has to be the ultimate Caribbean cruise with every island a potential destinations and stop off points. Where would you like to go? North, south, or both!


Ship to Shore

This combination is guaranteed to suit everyone’s preferences. You may book as many days afloat as you choose, followed by a minimum of 3 nights on land in a Villa. Land based accommodation is a two double bedroom waterfront villa in Jolly Harbour, which is an exclusive gated Marina Village situated perfectly in the middle of Antigua’s west coast. Calm waters and sunsets abound. Our Yacht & Villa suggestion is the perfect way to explore Antigua by sea and land.

Alternatively, we have secured a very generous 17.5% discount arrangement with Sugar Ridge hotel on the outskirts of Jolly Harbour. See more accommodation information here.


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