Test yourself – How well do you know your Diesel Engine?

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Diesel Engine

The RNLI cites engine failure as one of the most common reasons for call out – Diesel engines are relatively straightforward – with a good general knowledge of how your engine functions and how to maintain it, you might avoid being one of those RNLI rescues!
Miramar Sailing School offers you a 20 question quiz that should appeal to sailors and tractor drivers alike!
See here:

Diesel Engine Maintenance Quiz

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  1. What is with the baby talk? Suck? Squeeze? WTF use real adult words like intake compression etc

    • It was carefully considered – the Diesel Engine Maintenance course is not for Mechanical Engineers, but primarily aimed at leisure boaters, who can attend a one day course to acquire a basic understanding of their marine diesel engine – and hopefully be able to get themselves home if they have an engine failure. There are several ‘ready reference’ publications that use the ‘Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow’ expression – and that is why we chose to use these words in our quiz!
      Thanks for your feedback, and taking part!

  2. Useful little test.

  3. Gordon Murray

    Mayday messages are only sent when there is an immediate risk to life.
    An engine fire would surely be a Pan Pan unless it becomes out of control.
    When I was an engineering student at Dundee Uni our drinking teeshirts had ‘Suck Squeeze Bang Push’ the four stroke cycle

    • Brian Turton

      Good point Gordon, however the RYA syllabus is aimed at cruising yachtsmen and women – on a small yacht a serious engine fire would indeed be a “Mayday” situation. Would love one of those T-Shirts!

  4. Robin Bailey

    Well organised test which I enjoyed doing. I also learnt something new about alternator belts!

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