Race 4 Dodger

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Donate for Dodger
Dodger Reilly is two years old and suffers from medulloblastoma cancer.
He has already had several procedures including a tumour removed from his brain; he has a long road ahead of him and is going through chemo at the moment. The cancer is present in his CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). His family are aiming for him to have proton therapy treatment which is not available in the UK and will involve him travelling abroad. Dodger’s family NEED to get him abroad and pay for this treatment off their own back, the cost is around £90,000. They have to date (October 2015) already raised around £30,000 but it is not enough! Stormforce Coaching want to help Dodger’s family ensure that Dodger receives the care he needs and that he lives. Stormforce are therefore devoting all income from the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta to Dodger’s cause. That means every penny you spend with them on this event will go to Dodger. They will not be keeping any money back to cover expenses.

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