We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Martin – Day Skipper

“Instructions given were clear and easy follow. Pippa was great!” Did we meet Martin’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Good – clear & no issues.”

Ashley – Day Skipper

“Pippa gave very clear instructions. I felt very safe and I learnt a lot.” Did we meet Ashley’s expectations? “Yep”.
School Administration – “Everything was made pretty clear by Brian in the lead up to the course. No issues.”

David – Day Skipper

“Excellent. Well beyond expectations. In my opinion, the instruction was delivered in an easy way to understand that will stay with me.” Did we meet David’s expectations? “Yes”.

Penny – Day Skipper

“Neil is a very good instructor. I feel I have learnt a lot in 5 days. He made me feel at ease and has lots of patience.” Did we meet Penny’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Good.”

Kirsten – Day Skipper

“Tony is a very patient, clear, caring instructor. Very thorough & observant to understanding the individual needs of students to best attain their goals. I feel I’ve learnt loads. Am much more confident of my yachting skills.” Did we meet Kirsten’s expectations? “Yes”.

John – Competent Crew

“Tony was excellent. His teaching style is clear and concise. He delivers the material in a way that is low key but firm. He is able to debrief mistakes in a way that allows for understanding but also confidence building.” Did we meet John’s expectations? “Yes”.

Heather – Competent Crew

“Tony was patient and always willing to explain things a second or third time. He helped me move out of my comfort zone to try new things but never forced me if I didn’t feel ready. When I made mistakes we debriefed and used them as opportunities to learn.” Did we meet Heather’s expectations? “Yes”.

Bryn – Power Boat Level 2

“The course covers the basics well to allow for people to go out boating safely. I would recommend this school to others.” Did we meet Bryn’s expectations? “Yes”.

Mei – Power Boat Level 2

“Excellent, well tailored to student’s level of competence and handling in a safe and unintimidating manner. Would absolutely recommend it.” Did we meet Mei’s expectations? “Exceeded”.
School Administration – “Clear and efficient, quick response times and informative customer service.”

Alex – Competent Crew

“Neil was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, patient & cool. I am now excited & confident that I can take my sailing to the next level.” Did we meet Alex’s expectations? “Yes!”.

Ashley – Competent Crew

“Richard was very knowledgeable & taught well. We learnt a lot in the 5 days.” Did we meet Ashley’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “No problems. Brian responded very quickly to emails.”

Martin – Competent Crew

“Clear, direct, easily understood.” Did we meet Martin’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “No issues.”

Nicholas – Competent Crew

“Enjoyable, clearly & patiently taught by Neil. Learnt loads – very good.” Did we meet Nicholas’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Swift response to a short notice enquiry. Able to sort us out to fast track Day Skipper.”

Andy – Day Skipper

“Instructor was excellent. Patient but steely when required! The practical part of the course made the theory from the previous 4 days much clearer and easier to put into practice. I feel that I have an insight into what it takes to captain a yacht and after the course I have the confidence to take charge of a vessel.” Did we meet Andy’s expectations? “Yes”.

Patrycia – Mile & Experience Building

“Great!.” Did we meet Patrycia’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Great!.”

Atli – Mile & Experience Building

“Excellent – Tony is a brilliant instructor.” Did we meet Atli’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Great. All went off smoothly.”

Paul – Mile & Experience Building

“First class, knowledgeable, thorough and very trustworthy. Would definitely sail under instruction with Tony again. Good company also.” Did we meet Paul’s expectations? “Definitely”.
School Administration – “As always very prompt and becoming my second home in Antigua. Love Miramar Sailing School.”

Georgia – Competent Crew

“Felt very safe/comfortable at sea and it was very tough conditions so really appreciated his help. Very approachable – could ask any questions at any point. Lovely person and good fun. Given me the confidence and enthusiasm to do it all over again.” Did we meet Georgia’s expectations? “Yes”.

Christian – Competent Crew

“Richard – very nice man. Thoroughly explained everything and was very helpful. Excellent teacher.” Did we meet Christian’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Lovely man. Very helpful booking me on to the course last minute.”

Patrycia – Coastal Skipper

“Very good – relaxed atmosphere, perfect for learning lifetime skills. I learned more than on my previous courses.” Did we meet Patrycia’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very quick and responsive.”

Atli – Coastal Skipper

“Excellent. Tony is calm, clear, helpful and experienced. All round a great instructor and a brilliant guy.” Did we meet Atli’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very good. Easy to communicate with the school, very pleasant and a great experience.”

Adrian – Mile & Experience Building

“Very good instruction about safety and sailing skills by Tony. Night sailing was terrific. Even though it was only my second trip and first “real” sailing trip, I learned a lot from him and the other crew members.” Did we meet Adrian’s expectations? “Absolutely”.

Tobias – Mile & Experience Building

“The instructor was great, patient, insightful and after all a great teacher.”



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