We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Kelly – Competent Crew

“Good that we could all learn from each other. No doubt Graham is very skilled at sailing and he is very safety focussed.” Did we meet Kelly’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Good…..easy through email.”

Ian – Day Skipper

“I enjoyed the course very much. Graham challenged us with navigation tasks and expected us to achieve competence in managing the vessel and crew. By the end of the course, I felt I had improved my skills and developed confidence.” Did we meet Ian’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “The details were handled professionally. The staff were friendly and welcoming. I would recommend Miramar to anyone interested in learning to sail or wishing to charter a boat some someday.”

James – Day Skipper

“Richard is excellent at talking through concepts and checking understanding. Obviously highly experienced and knowledgeable & adds anecdotes from personal experience to make it more ‘real’. Couldn’t have hoped for a better instructor. Handled our ‘difficult’ co-crewmates sensitively and diplomatically and made the best of the situation in trying to balance the considerations of all crew members.” Did we meet James’ expectations? “Yes”.



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