A “One Stop Shop” for all your Racing & Sailing aspirations

We are dedicated sailors, intent on bringing the many aspects of the sport to as many people as possible.

We simply could not ignore Yacht Racing, which takes the leisure sailor into a completely different world of camaraderie, skill, adventure, thrills and competition!

Regattas, Offshore Racing and Cruising & Mile Building Passages take place throughout each year in all parts of the world. Many regions are seasonal, which often inhibits competitive sailing at different times of the year. This is why we cover the four major global sailing regions. Please Enquire for the full programme.
To overcome this, and to bring you as much opportunity to get involved in this exciting discipline at any time, we have put together our Race Charter Associates Fleet. This fleet comprises a range of pedigree race yachts, and all are capable of winning with the right crew. Each yacht has a varied schedule to ensure that all year round there is something for everyone, almost anywhere!

By bringing such a fleet together we aim to offer our Clients maximum access to as much sailing diversity as possible in terms of regions, events and yachts.

Please see our Yacht Calendars & Rates tab for all the sailing opportunities we offer.

We work with our Charter Associates to ensure they are marketed with professionalism and efficiency ensuring they do not miss out on bookings that otherwise may have been lost due to sailing or yacht maintenance duties. They are excellent at what they do, we are equally as good at what we offer them, and you.

An enquiry through us will bring you exactly the same offer as it would through our Charter Associates, but it will probably be much quicker!. You are not paying us, they are!

Race Charter Options

Charter Packages vary between yachts, and events. We are happy to quote for any combination of the options below.

Whole Yacht CharterIdeal for crews that regularly race together, or are trying to build a crew team for future racing adventures!
We offer the opportunity to get aboard some fast and exciting racing yachts, with proven results, and test teamwork and skills to the maximum.
We reserve the right to add further crew members if your team is not large enough to race our yachts competitively.
Single Berth CharterSingle crew places are available on some of our yachts, in some racing events. However, most tend not to take early bookings for single berths for race charter (although some do so Please Enquire), but are happy to keep your details on record if we need to add more crew members nearer an event in order to maximise the competitiveness of our yachts. We are “in it to win it” after all!
For our mile building cruises, and Atlantic crossings, we are happy to take single berth bookings at any time.
Corporate CharterUnlike yacht cruising, yacht racing is at the cutting edge of challenge, excitement and the all-important satisfaction of a job well done!
Team Building
Sailing is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, planning, communication, trust, co-ordination and leadership; it is an effective environment for developing teams and creative problem solving.
New skills will be learned through continuous improvement. Each individual's ability to adapt to new tasks will improve. Productivity will improve as a result.
Loyal customers and high performing staff can all be rewarded with an Incentive Package that simply says "thank you"!
Days can be spent relaxing on board the yacht, "liming" on the beach for some sun, and partying, or partaking in the vast selection of island activities. These include water sports, quad biking, hiking, Zip-lining, shooting........the list is extensive, and no two days will be the same.
Invite some key representatives of target customers to sample your hospitality and professionalism.
  • Showcase your products and services

  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality, service and delivery.

  • Provide them with a never to be forgotten experience, that will cement your brand in their contacts list, making you less likely to be overlooked when that important contract is on offer.

  • Simply say "HI", this is us, and this is what we can do for you!

  • We offer multi service packages to include the event, or mile building cruise, accommodation, team shirts and hospitality ashore. We would be happy to source additional crew accommodation and “own team” crew shirts on your behalf. Please Enquire and state your requirements.
    On Board AccommodationSome of our yachts offer on board berths for the duration of events included in the charter fee. However, there are rarely enough berths to accommodate a full competitive crew. Berths are allocated on a “1st come, 1st served” basis, so it makes sense to make an early booking to secure these.
    Fees; Fuel; Provisioning; Team ShirtsEntry & Berthing Fees; Gas, Fuel & Water; Meals, Snacks & Drinks; Crew Shirts.
    The inclusion of these vary with each offer. Please Enquire and state your requirements.
    Marketing & PRLogos, Flags & Banners.

    Race Charter Options

    Race Charter Options

    • Whole Boat
    • Single Berth
    • Corporate
    • Accommodation
    • Team Branding

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