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Departing the Caribbean in the last days of the racing season this event takes us North and East to Stamford, CT. Whether you have been busy racing or cruising in the Caribbean or not this is an excellent opportunity to sail back to North America and experience the impressive offshore conveyor belt that is the Gulf Stream Current.

Running at speeds of up to 5 knots the Gulf Stream runs up the edge of East Coast America carrying billions of tons of warm water North as part of one fo the planet’s major climate stabilizing processes. The result is a warm water trip all the way to the destination rather than the normal temperature cliff we experience when travelling North past Bermuda to our home for of Lunenburg.

The Gulf Stream Flyer is not all tea & biscuits though with strong thermal gradients along the entire route creating regular squalls, steep seas and dramatic and challenging weather. If there was every a boat to take on such a challenge however it has to be one of our Volvo 60’s that were built to take on the Southern Ocean.

The result is a true sailor’s offshore voyage- challenging every element of our skillset in a safe, professionally mentored environment without the requirement to venture into high latitudes and cold weather.

The two days training provided before departure will take you step by step through al aspects of safety on board and show you how things work on deck. So, whether you are totally new to sailing or looking to develop your skill set we can accommodate your needs.


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