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2018: March 26th – April 1st

Stimson 42 – Palpatine

This event follows immediately after the St. Thomas International Regatta.

With no less than six races and as many as 13, the BVI Spring Regatta provides an extensive time on the water in gorgeous conditions, all in just three days of racing. The wind, waves and courses vary every day, giving the participants a wide variety of exciting and challenging racing.

While the majority of Europe and the United States are still in the grip of cold weather, it is no wonder that sailors from 14 different nations have come to the British Virgin Islands for the regatta.

The Sir Francis Drake Channel is a wonderful sight with a myriad of spinnakers flying across the race area.

Your quote will include advance training and preparation days.

BVI Spring Regatta Yacht Charter
BVI Spring Regatta Yacht Charter