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Application for Examination

There are criteria that must be met before examination will be considered. In all cases the independent examiner will want to see evidence – usually in the form of a personal logbook – that these have been met, and the supporting qualifications are in place.

The Examination Application Form ensures this is the case.

If there is any doubt regarding the acceptable level of qualifying experience, the examiner will point this out and give the candidate the opportunity to withdraw the application. All experience must have been gained within 10 years of examination.

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Criteria and supporting Qualifications:

Form of Examination

  • Oral examination of approximately 1½ hours with an assessment of astro navigation sights and results. Note 1

Examiner’s Responsibility

  • It is the examiner’s task to give the candidate the opportunity to show that he/she is a competent Ocean Yachtmaster.
  • At the end of the exam the candidate should feel, whatever the outcome, that he/she has had a full, fair, and searching test.

Examiner Availability

  • We are unlikely to have an independent Yachtmaster Ocean examiner in Antigua. Please contact the RYA.

Examination Costs –

  • GB£159 in 2015 (approximately US$250) paid to the RYA when the examination application is submitted to the examiner.
  • We try to schedule examinations during the Antigua sailing season when we should have an examiner on island. However, we may have to bring in an examiner from overseas. In either case their travel costs are shared equally by the candidate(s).
  • We feed and board the examiner so there are no subsistence costs.

Note 1 A written exam may be taken in lieu of an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean shore based course completion certificate.

Yachtmaster Ocean Examiners

  • Please contact the RYA for the current list of available examiners.
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • 004423 8060 4100 from outside UK
    • 023 8060 4100 within UK



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