Brighten the “Brexit Blues” Bonus

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It is clear that the UK Referendum decision to leave the European Union has had a massive effect on the value of the UK£. No surprise but not to the extent that has now become reality. To cushion the blow, all Miramar Sailing Course and Vacation products priced in US$ are now offered at the Pre Brexit UK£ Exchange Rate of 1.46

To save you doing the math this means that anything costing US$1,000 today would be UK£815. With this amazing offer it now costs only UK£685. This amounts to a massive saving of 16%!

Our multiple student discounts do not also apply.

To give you an example check out our RYA Competent Crew course, or our RYA Day Skipper Practical course. At today’s poor rate these are UK£745 each. They are now priced at UK626!! This is a significant saving of UK£119.

Now you can pursue your dream of Sail Training or a Sailing Holiday in The Caribbean with confidence that the product cost is fixed.

This saving applies to all new enquiries received from March 7th 2017 for single courses and remains in force until further notice. It does not apply to course packages which are already heavily discounted.

Miramar Sailing reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.
This offer applies only to BACS payments into the UK.
Offer discontinued May 21st 2017