We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Fiona – Day Skipper Practical

“Very good clear concise instructing, in a patient and helpful manner. Practical teaching and good practical methods of execution. Very well laid out course progression over 5 days with lots of opportunity to learn and practice each skill.” Did we meet Fiona’s expectations? “Yes”

Richard – Day Skipper Practical

“Very good and well instructed. Lots of practice of all practical skills. Very quick feedback and very accommodating.” Did we meet Richard’s expectations? “Yes”

Pepijn – Day Skipper Practical

“Pippa was a great instructor. Her style allows for a relaxed and informal atmosphere which still facilitates a good learning environment. The curriculum was nicely spread out over the course and the tour around the island perfectly fitted the course length. I’ve learned a lot this week! Thanks!” Did we meet Pepijn’s expectations? “Yes”

Pepijn – School Administration

“This was perfect. I only signed up a few days beforehand in a place with very little means of communication. Brian was most accommodating by staying up late to welcome me. The ability to sleep on the boat beforehand is very useful. ”

Billy – Coastal Skipper Practical

“The practicality of the training was invaluable. The night time passages were excellent experience. I’ve done some similar sailing in those conditions, I’ve also sailed at night. I have never sailed at night in those conditions!” Did we meet Billy’s expectations? “Yes”

Billy – School Administration

“The school sticks to a fairly clear set of schedules, rules and prices.”

Kurt – Coastal Skipper Practical

“Very patient instruction. Pippa has a great ability to instruct without criticising. I have many years experience and she was able to rid me of my bad habits and show me new ways to address a passage. Excellent boat handling and docking exercises. I feel confident docking stern to in a cross wind.” Did we meet Kurt’s expectations? “Yes”

Kurt – School Administration

“Easy. Period!.”

Mathias – Mile Building

“Very interesting course on advanced sailing, night sailing and rough weather, use of auto pilot, manoeuvres in harbour under sail. Learned a lot thanks to patience and teaching skills of Pippa.” Did we meet Mathias’ expectations? “Yes”

Mathias – School Administration

“Thank you Brian for letting us take part in this course. This gave us a full understanding of sailing under all conditions.”

Alma – Mile Building

“We enjoyed profusely this week. The night sailing experience was priceless as Pippa let us stay on watch and feel the responsibility of making right decisions. The anchoring, docking and 360 turn etc. were perfectly organised so we could learn and enjoy.” Did we meet Alma’s expectations? “Yes”

Alma – School Administration

“This time we got to know Brian better. Something that makes me happy is that Brian and Pippa enjoy what they are doing and this certainly brings a point to the quality of their courses. They are open to proposals and innovations.”

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