Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do! We are only as good as our recent reviews! These are since December 23rd 2018

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Constantine – Day Skipper Practical

“It was a pleasure to be Tanya’s student. She struck a great balance between fun and serious. She gave many opportunities to go through passage plans, and other theory, and covered all the points thoroughly whilst making us always feel at ease and safe. I enjoyed her anecdotes from experiences she had gone through herself which helped us learn.”. Did we meet Constantine’s expectations? “Yes”.

Michael – Day Skipper Practical

“It was an amazing few days of sailing with Tanya. She was always very patient with answering any questions we had, and she also made the experience fun and enjoyable. She was extremely knowledgeable and also knew how to have a laugh, making it all round amazing”. Did we meet Michael’s expectations? “Yes”.

Louisa – Day Skipper Practical

“Such a fantastic week! Being an almost complete beginner I was worried about my level of skill, but Pippa was amazing – SO patient and explained everything really clearly without getting frustrated. It was great to live on board, cook on board and moor on anchorages. A lovely week – see you at your next stop!”. Did we meet Louisa’s expectations? “Yes!”.

Mark – Day Skipper Practical

“Outstanding. Pippa passed on her extensive knowledge in a patient and easy to understand way, making sense of the theory learned in shore school. I would have no hesitation in recommending Miramar Sailing and thanks Brian & Pippa”. Did we meet Mark’s expectations? “Yes”.

Sarah – Skills Clinic

“I appreciate the practicality of the instruction and how other methods compare. We went through ample opportunity to practice and rotate positions”. Did we meet Sarah’sexpectations? “Yes”.

Emma – Competent Crew

“Great week. Learnt lots. Great teacher! Tanya made the learning experience fun and professional”. Did we meet Emma’s expectations? “Yes”.

Russell – Competent Crew

“Tanya was very good teacher. I really enjoyed sailing with her. A good balance of fun yet informative learning. Would definitely do it again! In fact we are!!”. Did we meet Russell’s expectations? “Yes”.

Stephen – 8 day charter

“The trip went really well. Tanya was very easy to get on with and knew her way expertly around the boat and the island. She made the whole trip most enjoyable and she was great company. All the equipment seemed in very good condition. A great trip – Many thanks”. Did we meet Stephen’s expectations? “Yes”.

Ali – 8 day charter

“Such a great week with Tanya – what a beautiful island and we have had such fun exploring. Tanya is a great instructor and really informative about sailing and the island. Thanks”. Did we meet Ali’s expectations? “Yes”.

George – 8 day charter

“The trip was an amazing experience and great fun. We did everything we wanted and more! Tanya was fantastic. Thank you so much”. Did we meet George’s expectations? “Yes”.

Jack – 8 day charter

“Fantastic experience. Great way to go and explore Antigua made even better with Tanya’s expert knowledge. The boat was great and had clean facilities which made living on board all the better. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Tanya for making it so enjoyable”. Did we meet Jack’s expectations? “Yes”.

Mary – Skills Clinic

“Excellent course! Instructor very knowledgeable and patient! Felt comfortable asking questions. Gentle correction by instructor was very professional and helpful. I will give a good review to this school and wouldn’t hesitate to see further instruction with Pippa”. Did we meet Mary’s expectations? “Yes”.

Marlena – Skills Clinic

“Excellent training overall. Thanks for the patience”. Did we meet Marlena’s expectations? “Yes!!”.

Jill – Skills Clinic

“My week was filled with learning all the skills I need to not be in the way while sailing. I learned how to pivot the boat and park safely – gained many pointers on how to manoeuvre and not “Panic!”. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and steady manner. Enjoyed myself while learning many things I didn’t expect to do while just riding along this week with my wife. Thank you.”. Did we meet Jill’s expectations? “And then some!!”.

Jonea – Skills Clinic

“What a fantastic week! I loved every minute of it and learned so much more then I expected to. Pippa is a fantastic instructor. I didn’t want the week to end. We are already planning our next adventure with Miramar Sailing”. Did we meet Jonea’s expectations? “Absolutely”.

Jonea – Diesel Engine Maintenance

“Very informative and helpful. Definitely have more confidence in my ability to troubleshoot if engine problems occur. Once again, I am amazed at Pippa’s depth of knowledge and ability to pass on information in a way that is easy to understand and remember”. Did we meet Jonea’s expectations? “Yes”.

Lisa – Day Skipper Practical

“Really enjoyed the course, was nice and busy. Tanya is really good at guiding without explicit telling us what to do so that we can do some problem solving on our own”. Did we meet Lisa’s expectations? “Yes”.

Mike – Day Skipper Practical

“Course was fantastic and Tanya was a great instructor. Tons of knowledge and super fun as well. I feel much more confident upon completion of the course”. Did we meet Mike’s expectations? “Yes”.


“Good course structure. Boat was in good shape. I now feel confident that I could rent my own boat”. Did we meet Julien’s expectations? “Yes”.

Sarah – Day Skipper Practical

“Great course, loved working with Tanya. Learned loads”. Did we meet Sarah’s expectations? “Yes”.


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