Our Charter Request Form is intended to assist you in tailoring your perfect vacation so that you do not need to think too hard about what you want. It is by no means a complete list and we stand ready to discuss anything we have not covered. Our form will help you create your dream vacation, and our Rates will show you how affordable it is!

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To assist with your planning we offer some suggestions for Accommodation and Travel


Quite simply, this is your choice to suit both your tastes and budget. You simply send us a provisioning list and we will do our best to fill it prior to you joining the charter, and you pay the actual bill at cost. We do not charge you for us to “go shopping”!


Let us know how you wish your vacation to be structured.

You may seek total peace and tranquility, action and adventure, excursions ashore, music and dancing, beach bars and restaurants, diving etc. or a combination of everything! The possibilities are almost endless.


The more days you spend with us, the further we can sail, and your opportunities to visit a variety of destinations will increase.

We offer a 10% discount for vacations of 7 days or more to encourage you to consider this.


This is completely up to you but a difficult element to plan for. You never know what is around the next headland, and how beautiful your next anchorage will be. The original one day stay can easily be extended to two or even three simply because you do not want to leave! This is not a problem as it is your call.


Our sailing vacations are suited to one or two couples only. We have 2, and 3 cabin yachts to choose from.

The big bonus is our rates are only based on yacht & crew / day, not the numbers of guests. It therefore makes sense for 2 couples to enjoy their vacation together as this halves the cost / person!

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Miramar Anna
Deserted Caribbean island beachCouple on their sailing vacation with Miramar