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Current Scheduled Course Dates with Availability
To make it easier for you to find the courses and dates you require, we have now added our Current Course Availability page detailing current courses that are on our schedule and available dates when any course can be scheduled for you. Availability is always subject to bookings received.
If the dates you are interested in are not shown please email us for availability of a yacht and instructor and we will set the course up for you.

This is a 2 course package that brings RYA Competent Crew up to the RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification which is the qualifying grade for the award of an International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
There are Package Options as follows:

Option 1: RYA Day Skipper Theory – Theory Course taken over the first 4 days in the Classroom followed immediately by the RYA Day Skipper Practical – which involves 5 days of practical sailing. The assessments for the Theory courses are taken during the Practical course.
Given that many people take a 2 week vacation this is an ideal package that combines Day Skipper training with the opportunity to take a few days R & R in the Caribbean, or one or two of our Short Courses to supplement your training.
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Option 2: RYA Day Skipper Theory taken Online with 40 / 50 hours of computer home study with an online tutor to guide and assess your work. You then attend our RYA Sailing School to finish off with your RYA Day Skipper Practical.
We work very closely with Navathome. For the delivery of high quality Online Theory Courses.
This course is also available through our affiliation with NauticEd
Before opting for the lower cost Online option please consider the considerable benefits of face to face, real time teaching which offers the significant benefit of being able to ask questions and receive immediate answers.
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Option 3: RYA Day Skipper Theory taken in our open air classroom with panoramic views over the Antiguan hills, followed by a 2 day break before you put to sea for your RYA Day Skipper Practical.
Some students prefer “face to face” tuition, others prefer working online. The choice is yours!
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What do you get for this?: Inclusions are the same as for courses booked individually.
Availability: All year round starting on Sundays
Read what our past clients think in our Client Reviews


Consider our 1 or 2 day training courses that will enhance your training and make the most of your time in Antigua. Not only will you maximise the investment in your trip, you will depart with three RYA qualifications instead of two!

If you wish to include any of the following in your package please Email us for availability.

Please visit Bookharbour for the following recommended pre-course study materials:

  • International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea
  • RYA Weather Handbook
  • RYA Navigation Exercises
  • Day Skipper Theory
  • Day Skipper Practical
  • Day Skipper Handbook

To assist with your planning we offer some suggestions for Accommodation and Travel
We also offer Gift Vouchers to give to family and friends.

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