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In 1901 at Signal Hill, St. John’s, Guglielmo Marconi received the first wireless transmission ever made across the Atlantic. It came 1901Nm from the Marconi Transmitter Station at Poldhu, just outside the port of Falmouth in the UK.

Marconi, huddled over his equipment in Cabot Tower, struggled for hours but finally through the background static he managed to pick out the faint clicks of the Morse letter ‘S’ being sent from all the way from England. In that moment he ushered in a new era of wireless global communication and connectivity – effectively creating the very foundations of the data dependent world we live in. This race celebrates his outstanding achievement.

The Marconi Transatlantic Race follows the path of that landmark transmission but this time we sprint East back to England from North America; back down the shortest possible route across the Atlantic, 1901Nm through winter weather, in 60ft yachts, racing side-by side. The crazy thing is you could be at the helm of one of them as on board our training boats all the crew, do all the jobs, all the time. Good or bad. With 25+ knots boat speeds possible as these 60ft missiles leap clear of the cold Atlantic swells it’s sure to be the drive of your life.

The event leaves from a start line under Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland and finishes 8-10 days later South of the Poldhu transmitter under the famous Lizard Lighthouse; 1901Nm away in England.

If you combine this event with the Newfoundland Screech you will receive a 10% discount- see the booking page for details.


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