Annual Event held in August

The Dartmouth Royal Regatta takes place in the English county of Devon

The first recorded regatta was in 1822 and the regatta was formally established in 1834. It is based on the River Dart, in the town of Dartmouth, and the village of Kingswear opposite.

In 1856 it became a royal regatta when Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the Prince of Wales came into Dartmouth in a flotilla of nine boats on an unscheduled visit because of bad weather, arriving the day before the regatta started on August 11th.

Although the event is described as a regatta, the charter specifically provides that a regatta should take place on the River Dart during a fair in the town. To many visitors, the events in the town are more visible, but there is a vast array of events both on and off the water.

The regatta takes place over the Thursday, Friday and Saturday where the Friday is the last Friday in August. The regatta is formally opened on the preceding Wednesday evening, although as the regatta has grown, some events start as early as the weekend before.

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Dartmouth Regatta

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