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2018: January 16th – 24th

Stimson 42 – Palpatine

This event includes the Around Barbados Race and the 3 day Coastal Course Racing.

If the crow flew in a circle the race is about 60 miles but, as we’re not racing on crows, yachts end up doing around 70 plus miles. The trade winds and incredible sailing conditions make it a great course.

Starting at the Barbados Cruising Club, you will sail through the historic Carlisle Bay, pass the deep water harbour to starboard and then begin a 20 mile tight reach in calm water up the platinum coast of Barbados passing the homes and haunts of the very rich and very famous.

After rounding the top of the island you will encounter the full force of the Atlantic with nothing between you and Africa. You will then face a good 7 mile plus beat in tricky currents, wind shifts and some big waves. Follow this with a 20 mile fetch, riding those same waves beam on, trying to maximize speed without losing height enough to clear East Point.

Bear away and hoist through the big breaking Atlantic rollers for a fantastic 18 mile downwind slide along the south coast. Drop the kites and skate round the South West corner of the island to the finish!

Stop the clock and see if it’s time to fatten the skipper for the weigh in!

Your quote will include advance training and preparation days.

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