These are 1 & 2 day courses to support Practical & Theory tuition.

Some are Sailing Based, and some are Supplementary Training. At some levels within the RYA Yachtmaster Scheme, supplementary courses are a requirement, but it is also useful to have a working knowledge of these topics.

Our instructors are normally engaged on our 5 day sailing courses between Sundays and Thursdays every week. The courses below are offered on Fridays & Saturdays. They offer the perfect add on to a 5 day course as they provide maximum benefit to your time spent in Antigua, allowing you to take away as much knowledge as possible from your visit.

These courses are also ideal if you are visiting Antigua on holiday and are looking for something different to the usual tourist tours available.

We offer training courses all year round.

First Aid and Basic Sea Survival courses are offered through an associate school in Antigua, and are generally available monthly between November and May each year.

Click on each course to view syllabus details.

Sailing Based


Supplementary Training


The online PPR course is required for Commercial Endorsement as is the Basic Sea Survival Course which is available in Antigua as a module of the STCW Course.

All qualifications from Day Skipper Practical and above may be Commercially Endorsed.