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Current Scheduled Course Dates with Availability
To make it easier for you to find the courses and dates you require, we have now added our Current Course Availability page detailing current courses that are on our schedule and available dates when any course can be scheduled for you. Availability is always subject to bookings received.
If the dates you are interested in are not shown please email us for availability of a yacht and instructor and we will set the course up for you.

Each of our RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Preparation weeks are open to both Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore candidates. We also offer a Yachtmaster Ocean Course Package for those wishing to reach the pinnacle of global skippering.

These are the levels that most students aspire to, but they can only be achieved through independent examination. As you would expect, it is a tough examination and some pre-preparation is highly recommended. A “Preparation Week” is not an official RYA course. There is no obligation to undergo one prior to examination.

Our preparation weeks target candidate’s strengths and weaknesses on the first day. Over the next 4 days, weak areas are focused on and honed to examination standard. This offers our examinees the best possible chance of success. Please see our recommended Yachtmaster Theory & Preparation Package. This provides an even better chance of success as it brings theory knowledge right to the front of the brain. Confidence with theory is equally as important as practical skills when it comes to examination.

Yachtmaster Preparation with exam
COURSE FEE: €1995,00 plus exam fee.
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What do you get for this?.

  • On board accommodation for the duration of the course and examination.
  • On board catering – Sunday lunch through Saturday lunch. Students may eat ashore on 2 nights but are not obligated to do so. All meals taken ashore are for the students account.
  • On board Fridge /Freezer
  • On board Gas Cooker
  • Free Wi-Fi on school premises
  • On board Bluetooth music system
  • 5 days of expert Yachtmaster Preparation and advice. 2 days of independent exam.
  • 2 days yacht charter for the exam.
  • Top quality training. Read what our past clients think in our Client Reviews

Discounts / student: Not applicable to RYA Voucher Redemption.

  • 5% – 2 students on the same course.
  • 7.5% – 3 students on the same course.
  • 10% – 4 students, or more, on the same course.

Course Content:

  • Intense practice and perfection of boat handling and navigation skills.
  • Familiarisation with the yacht to be used for examination.
  • Familiarity with your crew for the examination. Their strengths and weaknesses!
  • What you can expect during the examination
  • Advise on the Yachtmaster grade you should apply for

Course Schedule: Preparation 09:00 Sunday – 17:30 Thursday. Examination from 17:30 Thursday to 17:30 Saturday (maximum for 4 candidates). Live-a-board.

Availability: All year round Sundays to Saturdays, subject to available candidates.

Qualifications Required

To assist with your planning we offer some suggestions for Accommodation and Travel
We also offer Gift Vouchers to give to family and friends.

What is the top level certification for Sailing?

Yachtmaster preparation and exam
Yachtmaster preparation with Exam
Yachtmaster Preparation with exam
Yachtmaster preparation with exam
Yachtmaster Preparation with Exam

Yachtmaster Preparation with Exam