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Sailing Today Awards 2017

We are delighted, and very proud, to announce that Pippa Turton, the Chief Instructor of our RYA Recognised Training Centre Miramar Sailing School, has been nominated for the Sailing Today magazine “Sailor of the Year” award 2017.

Sailing Today is a UK based magazine so this is quite an accolade given that Pippa sails and trains in Antigua several thousand miles distant!

The other nominees are well known names, Dame Ellen MacArthur DBE, Tracy Edwards MBE, Gavin Reid and Jon Sanders. All are deserving of the nomination.

Pippa caught the eye of the nominations panel as a result of her dedication to training and empowering women in sailing to give them the confidence to stand out in what, sadly, has become a male dominated discipline.

This dedication inspired her to create our website which aims to encourage all female groups to train together under a female instructor. Pippa’s confidence on board a yacht, and her vast experience, which she imparts freely, provides the perfect environment for those women who feel “they can’t”, to realize that “they can”!

Only recently we heard the tragic story of a wife whose experienced sailor husband fell overboard, and she had no idea of how to advise rescue services of their location. Very sadly, her husband drowned.

Pippa does not want to read stories like this again!

In addition to all female training, Pippa is also a Director of the National Sailing Academy of Antigua & Barbuda. The NSA is a charitable, non-profit organization that was set up to teach the young children of our nation the skills and safety responsibilities of sailing. From the early beginnings of free training for kids on an Antiguan beach, the NSA has grown into a valuable asset to Antigua sailing. It’s goals have been acknowledged by the Antigua & Barbuda Government who declared that sailing was part of the school’s national curriculum.

Pippa has spent a lifetime on the water either in leisure or training capacities.
She deserves this award PLEASE VOTE for her here.
Sailing Today magazine “Sailor of the Year” award 2017
It is a long page so please scroll down! Voting closes on August 21st, 2017.

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