Baking Bread on Board

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We have never seen this before!

Rob Anderson who is currently a Yachtmaster “Xpress” student with the school has been baking bread on board “Miramar” this week. He started out with Ciabatta, moved on to Baps, all of which were delicious, and sustained our lunches nicely.

Today he presented us with this latest creation. A stunning looking, and tasting loaf with encrusted sesame seed.

He is working with traditional bread making ingredients of flour and yeast and a small 2 burner, with oven gas power stove, we are impressed!
On Monday he sets off with YMI Lea on a 6 week trip down to the tidal waters of St. Vincent & The Grenadines to build the required tidal mileage for his Yachtmaster Offshore examination qualifying criteria..
We all wish we were going with them as his baking prowess is going to missed!

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