We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our clients have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Michaela – Coastal Skipper

“Behind the chatty, friendly person is a very professional instructor who did take painfully care of our safety & security, very patient & knows what he is doing.” Did we meet Michaela’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “All very smooth and clear.”

Ewen – Coastal Skipper

“Highly knowledgeable and informative with obviously a very, very strong experience of sailing. Clearly cares about both the sailing lifestyle and the environment. Would use again for the Yachtmaster.” Did we meet Ewen’s expectations? “Yes!”.
School Administration – “Very smooth procedures throughout.”

Armand – Competent Crew

“Excellent – not always easy to be 2 levels of students in same time.” Did we meet Armand’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Good. Appreciate in touch before course.”

Qiujing – Competent Crew

“Very good.” Did we meet Qiujing’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very good.”

Rachel – Day Skipper

“Anna was a fabulous instructor – she always gave positive feedback which made learning really easy. She is so knowledgeable and I hope in the future I can learn from her again!.” Did we meet Rachel’s expectations? “Yes!”.
School Administration – “I really appreciate accommodating my change in schedule over Christmas and allowing me to do the practical course without the theory.”

Philip – Day Skipper

“Our instructor was personable and down to earth. Very encouraging, providing clear instruction and able to relate situations/other students she has taught. I feel fortunate to have had Anna as an instructor.” Did we meet Philip’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Well organized, good easy to understand joining instruction, thorough explanation of expectations and suggestions what to bring, etc.”

JJ – Day Skipper

“Great! No complaints. Fun yet serious instruction all week.” Did we meet JJ’s expectations? “Yes”.

Tim – Day Skipper

“Anna is an outstanding instructor. She is patient, clear and always good humoured. She handled very well the differing confidence and experience levels of the crew.” Did we meet Tim’s expectations? “Yes”.

Lila – Competent Crew

“Anna is truly brilliant as an instructor – patient, explains well & clearly, positive and fun to talk to about sailing.” Did we meet Lila’s expectations? “Yes”.

Ashley – Powerboat Level 2

“Both Pippa & Anna were fantastic instructors. I really liked Anna’s challenges. It made the assessment very fun!” Did we meet Ashley’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “All good. Brian is doing a great job.”

Martin – Powerboat Level 2

“Good instruction from both Pippa & Anna. Pippa covered all the basics in a clear way, Anna covered high speed manoeuvres really well.” Did we meet Martin’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very good.”

William – Day Skipper

“I had certain specific wants and expectations to answer some personal questions. Tony was an excellent instructor with a nice demeanour. Not only did I have my questions answered, but, I feel excited to continue to sail.” Did we meet William’s expectations? “Y”.
School Administration – “Simple and direct, the way I like.”

Ian – Day Skipper

“Brilliant. Tony has a very, very good coaching style and tries not to teach wherever he can. He makes all the learning experiences great fun and takes great care to ensure the welfare of team is well managed. I would happily sail with him again anytime.” Did we meet Ian’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Easy, relaxed and friendly. Good joining instructions. Helped with local knowledge. I really appreciated being taken out the night before the course.”

Megan – Day Skipper

“Absolutely outstanding!!! Tony is a fabulous teacher. He is supportive and clear but pushes you in the right way at the right time. I hope to sail with him again in the future.” Did we meet Megan’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “All very efficient and dealt with my booking at relatively short notice. Thanks.”

Jodie – Competent Crew

“Tony has been an excellent instructor – patient, knowledgeable and lots of fun. I was so nervous before starting the course but quickly felt more comfortable and started to enjoy it! Tony has been a massive help in building my confidence and knowledge of sailing and has encouraged me to continue to learn more which I certainly will! Thank you!” Did we meet Jodie’s expectations? “Absolutely!”.

Ashley – Radar

“Very clear & well delivered.” Did we meet Ashley’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “No problems.”

Martin – Radar

“Well delivered, covered the fundamentals nicely.” Did we meet Martin’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Excellent.”



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