We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Michele & Family – Day Charter

“We went to Antigua last year and sailed for the first time with Captain Kevin and his crew. It was marvellous and so we decided to sail again with them this year. Suffice to say they did not disappoint. We had a wonderful days sailing and snorkelling near the reef. Lunch was delicious on board. Miramar are a very knowledgeable company and Kevin is a great Captain. We will be back next year!” Did we meet Mathias’ expectations? “Clearly!”

Alma – Competent Crew

“This course is perfectly organised for beginners and second language speakers. The instructions are clear and direct, so starting from the second day we got used to the nautical terminology. Pippa’s got absolutely perfect approach and balance on how to deal with information given to the students and their responses. It was a surprising bonus to be able to enjoy various locations and activities. Personally I discovered a perfect type of holiday for myself thanks to this well balanced sequence of sailing activity, sleeping on board (which is one of the highlights), snorkelling, visiting, swimming etc..P.S.- As I really feel this was one of the most spectacular times I have ever had I would like to contribute with an idea. Maybe it would be useful if you created a kind of budgeted list for the catering so people don’t go wild (as we did) on the food they would barely use during sailing. Thank you for everything for additional knowledgeable info on the culture, history, wild life and ocean” Did we meet Alma’s’ expectations? “Yes”

Principal’s Note re catering. “Thank you Alma for your idea, we shall consider it.”
Mathias – Competent Crew

“This course went beyond our expectations as not only did we learn sailing skills, but we also were able to enjoy snorkelling, overnight in beautiful spots, and swimming in warm water. A fantastic experience thanks to Pippa! Thank you!!” Did we meet Mathias’ expectations? “Yes”

Mathias – School Administration

“Very well organised internet site. We liked the fact that every course is described with lots of details, pictures and videos.”

Konstantin – Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Theory

“The Theory course was well taught in depth. If I was ever stuck I immediately received help.The instructor is a very patient, calm and cheerful lady.” Did we meet Konstantin’s expectations? “Tick”

Konstantin – Coastal Skipper Practical

“Learned a lot, useful tips and tricks, comfortable sailing. Ins and outs of the boat were well taught. Would recommend to anyone this course or just if you want to build some miles as the instructor is welcoming and joyful.” Did we meet Konstantin’s expectations? “Tick”

Konstantin – School Administration

“Quick and thorough responses.”

Francois – Coastal Skipper Theory and Practical

“Pippa is a very knowledgeable instructor who did wonderfully in sharing her passion from day 1 to the end of the course! Thanks again.” Did we meet Francois’ expectations? “Yes”

Francois – School Administration

“Very responsive and helpful administration procedure”

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