We are only as good as our most recent performance. Read what our client’s have to say. We don’t write it, they do!

We have superb sailing grounds on the west coast of Antigua where we are in the lee of the north east trade winds with relatively calm and beautiful blue waters. We are just a few nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean where the more adventurous can experience some ocean sailing conditions!
Chris – Competent Crew

“Very good – clear communication, explained new concepts well. I learned a lot this week, not only about the technical side but also the culture of sailing and how to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Thanks!.” Did we meet Chris’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very good. Quick replies, easy booking process, helpful information to prepare for the course.”

Adil – Day Skipper Practical

“Great style of teaching. Patient, allowed you time to think and learn but always there as a voice and sounding board.” Did we meet Adil’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Fine! Quick replies and easy to book and pay. Adaptable on boat schedule to crew and conditions.”


Sam – Competent Crew

“Very entertaining and useful skills have been taught that have been extremely useful and were clearly explained.” Did we meet Sam’s expectations? “Yes”

Martha – Competent Crew

“Everything was clearly explained and I have learnt lots of new things, like knots and the different parts of the boat. Thank you so much this has been a great experience and I can’t wait to learn more.” Did we meet Martha’s expectations? “Yes”

Glenn – Competent Crew

“Clear, excellent explanation of all areas of the syllabus. Confident guidance on practical aspects. Most importantly gave whole group confidence on board to help handle sailing safely as well as maintenance” Did we meet Glenn’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Very good. No problems whatsoever.”

Jayne – Competent Crew

“Pippa clearly and patiently explained the course and demonstrated skills required. She made it fun and kept the whole family engaged throughout. We loved seeing all sides of Antigua from the sea. Thank you! It has been brilliant but looking forward to a bath!!.” Did we meet Jayne’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “Easy to book and felt confident with all arrangements.”

Viktor – Day Skipper Practical

“Very good, comprehensive, well planned.Good way to build confidence controlling the boat.Very interesting navigation exercises, build strong confidence working with navigation tools.Overall excellent instruction.” Did we meet Viktor’s expectations? “Yes”.
School Administration – “After signing up for the training, all materials provided on time, including the access to online course. Flexible with dates of training. Very well organised.”

Vasilise – Skills Clinic

“Than you! I loved places we went to. I loved the friendly, helpful and attentive attitude. The experience has been built in pleasant atmosphere with difficulty level built on step by step approach. We had a great time meeting Brian & Pippa. Loved them!! I am going to tell my friends and recommend. Thank you, hope to come again!” Did we meet Vasilisa’s expectations? “Much more than expected”


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