With Miramar Sailing the Caribbean sailing experience becomes a reality!

Compare the cost of a skippered Caribbean charter from one of the many charter companies in the region, then add the bonus of informal training from one of our RYA Instructors, and you will realise just how real it becomes!

Our Group discount policy offers exceptional value for what to many is an out of reach dream.

For example, a group of 4 sailors booking together can enjoy 5 days sailing in the beautiful Caribbean from as little as US$825 per person.

Not everyone is interested in acquiring RYA qualifications, however this does not mean they cannot be trained by qualified RYA Instructors

Formal qualifications are not for everyone! Some would be, and existing, “water babies” simply wish to learn the skills of boat handling, sailing, safety and seamanship, in a relaxed way, at their own pace, and often in their own environment.

Miramar Sailing Training is available for the benefit of these sailors.

You may already have RYA qualifications, but have not been fortunate enough to put the knowledge into practice on a regular basis. You have become a little rusty maybe?

You may be looking to build up the mileage in your logbook, or expand your experience as you strive towards a RYA/MCA Yachtmaster qualification.

You may simply wish to go sailing in the company of others and learn a few tricks of the trade on the way.

At Miramar Sailing we recognise this and offer options with our own brand of Fun Training as an alternative to our RYA Training. The most significant difference being the removal of the requirement to live on board the training vessel for the duration of a course.

Please read what our past clients think in our Client Reviews

To summarise, Miramar Sailing Training offers:

and finally, and somewhat inevitably thanks to Pippa!

  • Girls Go Sailing – for those who may be subject to a dominant male when sailing, and consequently lacking the confidence to develop their own skills and abilities. Or, simply, just want to get away with the girls from time to time!

Do we have the right credentials to offer all this? We most certainly do!

  • Both Brian and Pippa are commercially endorsed RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmasters.
  • Brian is the Principal of the RYA Sailing School, a Director of the Antigua Yacht Club, and a Director of the National Sailing Academy of Antigua & Barbuda .
  • Pippa is a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and Chief Instructor of the RYA Sailing School, and also a Director of the National Sailing Academy of Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Our team of qualified Instructors – mostly RYA Yachtmaster Instructors – is extensive, and all will deliver the same high standards of training.

The skills and knowledge required to achieve these levels of qualification have been learned over many years of global sailing experience.

Brian, Pippa and their team are dedicated to passing these skills on to anyone who wishes to learn. Is this you?

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We train all year round! With our fleet of 3 yachts and team of RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Instructors, we can offer most courses, most of the time.
Contact Us and tell us which course you would like to take and when!

What Brian and Pippa love about Sailing

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