Corporate Team Example
Unlike yacht cruising, yacht racing is at the cutting edge of challenge, excitement and the all-important satisfaction of a job well done!

What better environment can there be for training and moulding a team to work at the pinnacle of their performance capabilities, relying one upon the other, with the added potential of a tangible result to show their worth.

Corporate Race Charter offers the perfect vehicle to achieve these objectives.

However, If yacht racing does not fit the particular requirement for how you wish your team to develop, we offer alternative leisurely cruise options which still produce the team building elements of working as a unified crew.

There are no set packages for Corporate Race Charter. Every company’s needs are different.

Please enquire with details of your specific goals and we will be happy to tailor a package to satisfy them.



A professionally organized Corporate Package takes a while to create. Our extensive fleet gives us fantastic flexibility to offer exactly what you are looking for.
Contact Us early to start the planning process!